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The Caen Research Group in Computer Science, Image, Control and Electronics is a UMR research unit placed under the joint responsibility of CNRS / University of Caen Basse-Normandie and ENSICAEN. It is associated with CNRS as a UMR attached mainly to INS2I (Institute of Computer Science and their interactions) and secondary to INSIS (Institute of Engineering Sciences and Systems). GREYC activities are centered on the fields of ICST. Its themes cover the main disciplines of the field, namely the different branches of computer science and artificial intelligence, signal processing and image, security, identification and control, electronics and sensors.

The variety of laboratory activities is represented by the 7 teams :

GREYC is managed by Frédéric JURIE (director), Christophe ROSENBERGER and Christophe DOLABDJIAN (assistant directors). It has about 205 permanent and non permanents members :

  • 86 research professors et 6 CNRS researchers,
  • 18 technical staff ITA ou BIATOS,
  • 51 PhD students whose 13 with CIFRE funding,
  • 44 postdocts, ATER, PAST, contract engineers, associated researchers, etc.

Internal organization of the laboratory.