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Laboratory management is assisted in his duties by various authorities and correspondents. Their role is to ensure consistency of science policy and the proper functioning in everyday life. The organization chart details the laboratory's internal organization.

Scientific Committee :

It is chaired by the laboratory director or deputy directors, and includes eight team leaders of the laboratory, the three leaders of departments and ITA / IATOS and can be extended to anyone who wishes to see addressed a specific topic. It meets from 10 to 11 times a year, discusses and advises on all aspects of the overall scientific strategy, organization and methods of life inside the laboratory.

Laboratory Council :

It is chaired by the director of the laboratory and meets approximately five times per year. It has an advisory role and give an opinion on all matters relating to science policy, resource management, organization and operation of the laboratory.

Its composition and operating procedures are provided under the CNRS decision dated 28/10/1992 (

General Assembly :

Its includes all laboratory personnel. It meets once or twice a year, or, in exceptional cases, at the request of a member of the laboratory, following the opinion of the Scientific Committee or the  Laboratory Council.

Organization chart :

The AP (Officer of the implementation of health and safety rules) assists and advises the director and the deputy directors, it informs and educates personnel working in the laboratory for the implementation of hygiene rules and security. Pierre Blondeau is in charge of this mission.

GREYC has a network of correspondents :