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Image Team

Description of the research unit



Summary of activities


The team research projects are focused on developing novel methods of processing and analyzing images. Our areas of expertise are:
  • Image representation and models from different perspectives (geometrical, topological, statistical, functional, symbolic)
  • Extraction and knowledge management for image processing and analysis (classification, knowledge engineering).
The team dynamism is particularly evidenced by the number of publications with an international audience, its strong involvement in national projects and the many research contracts with companies.


Head : Jalal Fadili
Click here to access the list of members.

Research themes

  • Click here to have a global view of the Modeling theme.
  • Click here to have a global view of the Knowledge extraction and mining theme.

Research Projects 2012-2015

  • Click here for an overview of the project Variational and multiscale on Manifolds.
    • Manifold-valued functions
    • Functions defined on manifolds
    • Variational models and inverse problems
  • Click here for an overview of the project Geometrica and topological modeling.
    • Study of discrete spaces with different metrics
    • Kernels on graphs, kernels based on complex patterns, hierarchical analysis of images and meshes
  • Click here for an overview of the project Object recognition in images and videos, indexing, classification.
    • Semi-supervised learning, introduction of semantic information
    • Exploitation of salience, distances learning
  • Click here for an overview of the project Knowledge engineering for the design and evaluation of applications in image processing.
    • Measures of images and videos quality
    • Automatic construction of IT chains by reusing experiences

Jobs, Internships, PhD



A presentation of the activities of the image team in the field of health.

Main collaborations


Software distribution

Click here for a list of software developed by the team Image.


Activities specific reports



The project ROBM@RKET was awarded the 2009 "Innovation Supply Chain".

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The team is involved in the Digital imaging and multimedia Option, Computer Science Department of ENSICAEN. It also contributes to the teachings of the computer science M.Sc. program IMALANG (Automatic image and language processing)