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Albrecht Zimmermann

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Albrecht Zimmermann
+33 (0)2 31 56 73 35
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Activités scientifiques

Thèmes de recherche

My research interests are widely dispersed:

  • - I've worked on classification, mainly in the form of rule and tree learning,
  • - I am interested in clustering and outlier detection,
  • - my specialty, so to say, is in local pattern mining (itemsets, conjunctions of attribute-value pairs, sequences, trees, graphs) and pattern set mining,
  • - recently, I've started to question whether we truly understand the behavior and results of mining algorithms, and try to works towards evaluation methods by means of data generation,
  • - because in the end I am fascinated by the idea of using mining and learning techniques for understanding society - to support sociologists, economic planners, decision makers in public policy in increasing the standard of living and creating a more equitable society, but
  • - as a more light-hearted (and more clearly defined) test case, I work on analyzing sports - predicting who wins matches, understanding how athletes perform and age, figuring out how much in sports is skill and how much luck.

During the last two years, I have started to look into community detection, event detection, and influence spreading in social networks, topics that I find very interesting yet I haven't actively worked on them yet.


I have co-organized workshops on "Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics" at ECML 2013 and ECML 2015.

I will co-edit a special issue of "Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery" on Sports Analytics. The call for papers can be found here (.pdf)

Productions, ressources


My publications can be found at DBLP , or for a more complete list at Google Scholar.

Logiciels, plate-formes...

I have to admit that I was only peripherally involved in the development of Gazouille (most of the programming was done by the capable engineers at Tapastreet) but the platform deserves all the attention it can get.


My website collects my papers, most of my presentation slides, and some implementations for download.

I use my blog to collect ideas that are not yet fit for publication and notably publish my day-to-day match predictions there.