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The GREYC laboratory is located on two neighbouring buildings within the Côte de Nacre Campus in Caen.


  • The ELECTRONICS, IMAGE and SAFE teams are on this site.

  • The AMACC, MAD and CODAG teams are on this site.



  • By plane : Caen-Carpiquet Airport is located at 7 km from the city center. It allows the accessibility of Caen to all France via the Hub of Lyon.
  • By train : From the train station in the city centre, Caen is at 2 hours from Saint-Lazare train station in Paris and 1 hour from Rouen city centre.
  • By car : Caen is located at 2 hours from Paris, 1h30 from Rouen and Le Mans, and 3 hours from Angers.
  • By boat : The company Britanny Ferries provides 3 daily travels between Ouistreham and Portsmouth in England for a duration of 6 hours.


  • By car : Access by car is easy via the Caen ring-road (exit 5 – côte de nacre).
  • By public transport : Access to the campus is possible by the tramway (T2 line).
  • By bike : Access to the campus from the city hall of Caen is about 20 minutes.


AKHAVI Hassan Ali – AMACC team

ALEC Céline – CoDaG team

ALLEGRE Gilles – Electronics team

BARBIER Morgan – SAFE team

BEUST Pierre – CoDaG team

BLONDEAU Pierre – Systems and Networks Administration service

BOIZUMAULT Patrice – CoDaG team

BONNET Grégory – MAD team

BOUDART Bertrand – Electronics team

BOUGLEUX Sébastien – Image team

BOUZID Maroua – MAD team

BOURDACHE Nadjet – MAD team

BRETTO Alain – CoDaG team

BRUN Luc – Image team

CHAHIR Youssef – Image team

CHARRIER Christophe – SAFE team

CHERRIER Estelle – SAFE team

CLÉMENT Julien – AMACC team

CLOUARD Régis – Image team

CREMILLEUX Bruno – CoDaG team

CRETU Bogdan – Electronics team

CORDIER Christophe – Electronics team

COURONNE Christophe – Application Development and Deployment service

COURTIEL Julien – AMACC team

CUISSART Bertrand – CoDaG team

DESNOS-CARREAU Virginie – Management and Administration service

DENOUAL Mathieu – Electronics team

DIAS Gaël – Image team

DORBEC Paul – AMACC team

DOLABDJIAN Christophe – Electronics team

DUFAY Basile – Electronics team

EL MOATAZ BILLAH Abderrahim – Image team

FADILI Mohamed-Jalal – Image team

FLAMENT Stéphane – Electronics team

FOUREY Sébastien – Image team

GASNIER Julien – Electronics team

GIGAN Davy – Systems and Networks Administration service and Application Development and Deployment service

GIGUET Emmanuel – SAFE team

GUHEL Yannick – Electronics team

GUILLET Bruno – Electronics team

GUNTHER Chantal – Electronics team

JEANPIERRE Laurent – MAD team

JOREL Corentin – Électronique team

JURIE Frédéric – Image team

KENMOCHI Yukiko – Image team

LACHARME Patrick – SAFE team

LAM CHOK SING Marc – Electronics team

LANGLOIS Pierre – Electronics team

LE BARS Jean-Marie – SAFE team

LEBARGY Sylvain – Electronics team

LECHERVY Alexis – Image team

LENOGUE Gaëlle – Management and Administration service

LEZORAY Olivier – Image team

LHOTE Loïck – AMACC team

LOUDNI Samir – CoDaG team

MAHBOUBI Amal – Image team

MANGUIN Jean-Luc – Application Development and Deployment service

MARESCHAL Olivier – Electronics team

MAUREL Fabrice – Image team

MATHET Yann – CoDaG team

MECHIN Laurence – Electronics team

MERMET Bruno – MAD team

MOKHTARI-BRUN Myriam – Image team

MOUADDIB Abdel-Illah – MAD team

NIVEAU Alexandre – MAD team

PERRETTE Arielle – Management and Administration service

PIERRON Victor – Electronics team

POUPARD Philippe – Systems and Networks Administration service

PORQUET Christine – Image team

QUEAU Yvain – Image team

RABEIL Renaud – Systems and Networks Administration service

RABIN Julien – Image team

RANAIVOSON Solomanpionona – AMACC team

RASTELLO Sophie – Management and Administration service

REYNAUD Joan – SAFE team

RICHARD Gaétan – AMACC team

RIOULT François – CoDaG team

ROBBES Didier – Électronique team

ROBERT Véronique – Systems and Networks Administration service and Application Development and Deployment service

ROSENBERGER Christophe – SAFE team

ROUTOURE Jean Marc – Electronics team

SAEZ Sébastien – Electronics team

SCHUPP Sophie – Image team

SIMON Gaële – MAD team

SIMON Loïc – Image team

SPANIOL Marc – SAFE team

TERRIER Véronique – AMACC team

TSCHUMPERLE David – Image team

VERNOIS Sylvain – SAFE team

WIDLOCHER Antoine – CoDaG team

ZANNIER Agnès – Management and Administration service

ZANUTTINI Bruno – MAD team

ZIMMERMANN Albrecht – CoDaG team