Algorithms, calculation Models, Alea, Combinatorics, Complexity


Leader team: Paul DORBEC

The AMACC team is characterized by a strong cultural identity: mathematical computation. The team is interested by two generic concepts,  algorithm and complexity, covering all of its research activities. It adopts complementary viewpoints. On one hand, one studies calculation models and complexity notion, through the classes of complexity. On the other hand, one works within a randomness framework, with probability models, notably using it as a tool for average-case complexity analysis.

Keywords: mathematic computation, calculation models, complexity, cellular automate, RAM machines, dynamic analysis of algorithms, Euclidian algorithms, text algorithms, bijective combinatorics, analytic combinatorics.


AKHAVI Ali – Associate professor, UNICAEN

CLÉMENT Julien – CNRS researcher, HDR

COURTIEL Julien – Associate professor, UNICAEN

DAVID Julien – Associate professor (LIPN/UNICAEN)

DORBEC Paul – Professor, UNICAEN

LHOTE Loïck – professor, ENSICAEN

PÉPIN Martin – Associate professor, UNICAEN

RANAIVOSON Solomanpionona – Associate professor, UNICAEN

RICHARD Gaétan – Associate professor, UNICAEN

ROUX-LANGLOIS Adeline – CNRS Research Director

TERRIER Véronique – Associate professor, HDR, UNICAEN

VANIER Pascal – Professor, UNICAEN

ACKERMANN Léo – PhD student

BERGERAT Loris – PhD student (CIFRE)

CANARD Sébastien – partner

CALLARD Antonin – PhD student

DAUPRAT Quentin – CIFRE PhD student

GRANDJEAN Etienne – Emeritus professor

KARCZMARCZUK Jerzy – Associated researcher

LECOQ Romain – PhD student

NGUYEN Thi Thu Quyen – PhD student

PAVIET SALOMON Léo – PhD student

ROBIN Cléophée – Postdoctorate

VALLÉE Brigitte – CNRS Emeritus Research Director

Projet STIC RAPA2: Groupe “Randomness and Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms”, 2020 (France, Uruguay, Argentine).

Participation au SINFIN (Laboratoire Internationale Associé CNRS), Buenos Aires, Argentine.

ANR C_SyDiSi (Complexité des Systèmes Dynamiques Simples), porteur : Gaétan Richard, participants : Ali Akhavi, Julien Clément, Julien Courtiel, Matthieu Dien, Loïck Lhote, Véronique Terrier et Pascal Vanier.

Normandy: AlgoComb axis of the NormaStic CNRS federation.

France: GDR IM

Inrenational: Strong interactions with South America (Argentina, Uruguay)

ThemaMap project: multi-platform thematic mapping tool, distributed as open-source software. It is developed in collaboration by GREYC, SAIC-CERTIC and CRH.

Usain Boltz, by Matthieu Dien and Martin Pépin. A piece of software for efficient random generation of large data structures.


The team also meets almost periodically in a Groupe de Lecture et de Travail (GLT).

The team has been running and organizing the weekly Algorithmics seminar for some twenty years now.